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02 December 2010

Markdown for Loathsxome

Since I started using werc, I've become a bit enamored with Markdown. So, I figured I'd set it up for my blog, too. It already has a Blosxom plugin, so it was very quick to make it work with Loathsxome.

You can download it here. To use it, move the file to plugins/markdown in your Loathsxome directory. It should probably run last, so you might need to rename it. This is because it formats the body of the post, which can screw up meta tags and things that are grabbed by other plugins.

link -- [meta, loathsxome]

02 July 2010

New Blog Software

I used to use Blosxom for my blog. It's a nice system in that it stores your posts in text files, and displays them in multiple views automatically. No database and no PHP required.

Recently, I found Loathsxome, which is like Blosxom but with some improvements (and a better name). I'm now using it, plus git for wrangling metadata, for this blog and my new research log. I'm quite happy with this setup.

link -- [loathsxome, meta]